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At ACR carsales Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, sometimes known as disabled vehicles,wheelchair cars or WAVS our caring staff are always available to help and answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle/mobility needs.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are vehicles that have been converted to carry passengers travelling in their wheelchair,usually have a lowered floor conversion or high roof which includes built in ramps or electric side/rear lifts, wheelchair tie down brackery and seat belts for the wheelchair passenger. There may also be some other disability aids fitted eg winch/hoist.

The dimensions that you will need to take are Wheelchair Width Total Length (from very back of the wheelchair to the front to include footrests) Height (from the top of the head to the floor whilst sitting)


If the vehicle is purchased for the use of a person who uses a wheelchair, the VAT will be charged at 0% i.e. no VAT will be charged. If the vehicle is purchased for a commercial purpose e.g.Taxis etc then VAT will be charged on top of our prices shown at 20.0%.

All our wheelchair access vehicles are priced assumming VAT for the wheelchair user at 0%.

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